30.06 RIFLE KIT(Genuine Shell - Not a Replica)

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30.06 RIFLE KIT(Genuine Shell - Not a Replica)
Hunters, this one is for you; this 30.06 pen is an actual 30 caliber shell casing, not a replica. This is the Real Deal!
We have taken a spent 30.06 rifle cartridge and done all the hard work for you. The casing has been through a tumbler for several hours to remove the dirt and residue then cleaned in a brass etching solution. We then drilled, bored, reamed and trimmed it to accommodate the special length brass tube and custom made centering bushings inside.
All gunpowder residues have been cleaned out so you won’t have a problem at the airport at security. The tube has been pressed in and is tight on the primer and projectile ends, no glue or epoxy have been used and it will never come apart with normal use.
We can make this kit for you in the following finishes; Gold, Satin Gold, Satin Pearl, Gun Metal, Bright Copper or Bright Chrome. We can also mix up finishes such as gold on the top and a copper tip. Deer clip is only available in gold. Just send a comment on your order or email us with your choice. Please be VERY specific!!! If you make no choice then you will automatically be sent the bright copper arrangement as seen in the photo.
This kit looks great with a piece of deer antler or Camo Dymondwood turned for the top barrel.

Use the outer sleeve of the PKMONT-BUX bushing to size your upper pen barrel.

(Please Note: The shell has not been powder coated but the cap, clip and tip have.)

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