Custom Advertising Button

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Custom Advertising Button

Statistics say that 92.6% of everyone you meet wants to know what your button says.

      Advertise your pen making business everywhere you go with a 2.25 inch pin back lapel button. Get several to give to your family and friends to spread the word about your business faster. We can put your name and phone number at the top and bottom of the button with your personal picture like the ones shown above. we can make a button with a picture of one of your own creations; a pen, a bowl, a candlestick, a pepper mill or any other image you can think of. Kids and grand kids look good on buttons too. Your dog, your cat, you name it we can make it happen.

Your custom pen image will be displayed approximately the same as the sample in the picture above. Background color may vary depending on the color of your pens finish and blank choice.

Please send photo image with a solid background color to expedite artwork conversion time. Be sure to show your desired information exactly as you would like for it to appear on your button. If you send your information in all lower case letters then that is how is will be shown of the final product.

Please send a copy of your photo as an attachment along with your name or company name and phone number if desired to:




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