Custom Wooden Signs For Your Home or Business

Update as of 7/1 3:02am EST

I've burned my first to blanks!!!!

I'm back Baby!!

Set up isn't perfect but it's functioning and that's what matters right now.

I will work as hard and as quick as I can to get caught up on all orders.

We don't have the phone back up yet but we'll work on that next.  I am able to get into my emails so you can contact me that way.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support, patience, and understanding.



If you have an idea for a sign that you would like to have made, please give us a call at 417-236-2814

Personalized Welcome Sign

This wooden sign will be customized with your name or names on it. Keep in mind that long names require smaller text and may become impossible to read at a distance.

The sign has raised letters and a raised border. Colors are completely up to you. Two colors are shown but additional colors can be applied. Sign as shown is 40" tall and 6-1/2" wide. For larger sizes, please call 417-236-2814 for details and adjusted costs.

We can make the sign to say anything you want, just let us know how we can make one for you.

Please specify whether this sign will be displayed inside or outside.

Please allow 15 days for production which includes painting and drying time. Some requests require multiple colors and multiple layers. We need the time to make it right.

Standard shipping rates apply except for international orders. International orders will be charged actual parcel post shipping rate.

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