Military License Info

Military Inlay Liscense Info

Official Crafter of the Navy (USN): HOB-NTLPO-WHIMS01

Air Force (USAF): Officially Licensed US Air Force click Air Force Current Licensees for Verification

Army (USA): Officially Licensed, Proceeds Go To Army MWR (Moral Welfare & Recreation)

Marine Corp (USMC): 20244

Coast Guard (USCG): Officially Licensed Product of The United States Coast Guard

View DOD Trademark Email Contacts Click Link Below

If you are giving away or selling military logo inlays then generally you do not need to have your own license from the branches of service trademark offices. If you plan to open a kiosk in front of one of the military base exchange facilities, I would advise that you acquire your own license so that the exchange does not shut you down as a conflict of interest. The process is fairly easy and does not cost a lot. The largest cost is acquiring your hobbyist liability insurance. This is not that expensive either if you are selling lots of military logo inlays. A license is only required if you are selling the service branch logos. All other military inlays do not require any kind of license.

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