Our Inlay Blanks are designed and produced by us.
These blanks result in a pen that is such a great conversation piece and are truly a piece of functional art!!

Check back often to see what we've come up with next!

Our blanks are all appx 2-1/2" long. If you have a kit with a longer tube you can either add your own extensions to each end of your blank, or we do sell them in all the solid wood colors of all our inlay blanks
Since many of the Inlays include dyed wood or wood/acrylic combinations, we highly recommend you use a skew so that you don't have to sand. You want to turn a nice smooth finish with the skew and then go directly to your CA finish. If you sand, the dust may get carry over into the base blank or pieces and it will not look very pretty...(Try shooting with some air before putting your finish on)

Most of our Inlays are available in 27/64", 3/8" and 10mm Tube sizes.
A Pen Kit is not included. 27/64 and 3/8 have a powder coated tube. Make sure you compare tube length to the one that came in your kit, there are slight length differences. You may have to swap out the tube.

IMPORTANT: if you are going to make a click pen, any tube included with an inlay will not work, (due to length) you will need to use the tube that came with your kit. You can use Acrylic Paint if you want the tube to be black.

See something you like but would prefer it in different colors? If we have the color available we will be glad to change it up for you. If you see the color in any other blank on our page, that means we can do it. When you order just put a note in the comment section requesting the color change.

All inlays come to you pre-assembled with a tube installed in them. Rubber bands hold all parts in place. If your kits tube length differs from the one supplied, push the supplied tube out with the tube from your kit. DO NOT remove a tube and then try to slide in another.


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