Berea Pen Kits

We're excited to add this High Quality Line of Pen kits our offerings!

Lever Action Pen Kit Assembly Instructions

Pensar Gold Pen Kit Berea Pensar Ballpoint Pen Kit in Upgrade 24kt Gold
$14.90 $9.25 On Sale!

First Come First Serve until they are gone. Limited supply left.

Beautiful knurling pattern on all the accent pieces!
PLEASE NOTEIf you want to turn both blanks at the same time you'll need 2 sets of bushings since they come 2 to a pack

27/64" Drill Bit Item: DRILL2764
Bushing Item:BUSH20A
Parker Style Refill Items: PARK-R5,R5B, PAR-GBLK, BLU, SCHMIDT-BLK

Click on image for larger view or to add any of accessories listed above.

BUSH57A Bushing Set for Glacia Pen Kit
BUSH55A Quantity   
BUSH57A Bushing Set for Lever Action Pen Kit
BUSH57A Quantity   
BUSH57A Bushing Set for Pensar and Sierra Pen Kit
$3.99 $2.50 On Sale!


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