Custom Inlay Requests require a Pre-Paid (Non-Refundable) $400.00 design fee and a minimum first order of 25 blanks. Blank price will be determined by the image color requirements and detail level. (NO EXCEPTIONS). We will not make trademarked or copywritten images/logos unless you have written permission from the owner of the design. This includes NFL, NBA, NHL etc... Logos.


Changes to the design will be charged another pre-paid $50.00 fee. This includes tweaks, moves, size adjustments, add to, remove from, or any other change made to the initial submitted design. Color changes are permitted without any additional cost. A sample will be sent for final approval of the design.


The $400.00 design fee will be applied to your first order of 25 blanks. Adjustment fees ($50.00) are not applied to the first purchase.

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