Price: $7.79
Thickness Choice:
Surface Insensitive Formula, bonds a wide variety of materials without primers

Long lasting strong hold for your turning pojects.
Use Activator to eliminate down time when gluing your projects.

The THIN is great for fixing small hairline cracks in wood pen blanks. For medium sized cracks, pack sawdust into the crack and then saturate with glue. The capillary action draws the glue into the joint, adhering the sawdust and wood together. The thin glue is also used for bonding pieces that mate closely.

The MEDIUM is used for filling cracks that are larger. By putting it into the bottom of medium sized cracks, leaving the top of the crack to be filled with sawdust and bonded as per the thin glue instructions above. This glue is also perfect for adhering pen tubes into the blanks or for adhering a roughed out bowl blank to a waste block. This is done by turning a shallow tenon on the workpiece and a matching recess in the waste block.

The THICK has the most gap filling properties and can used for pen tubes or gluing bowl blanks to waste blocks when the surfaces do not mate as well. It is also useful for putting into the bottom of larger cracks to be used as a base for medium glue or sawdust. Great for filling bubble holes in acrylic blanks

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