Stick Fast Stabilizing Resin Dyes

Price: $9.95
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    Create your own dyed stabilized wood blanks with these Stick Fast Stabilizing Resin Dyes.  Specially formulated for use with Stick Fast stabilizing resin, these unique powder dyes produce bright, vivid colors you will not see in other dyes. You can also mix the colors to create your own custom hues or double dye wood blanks for spectacular results.


  • Powder dye formula designed specifically for use with Stick Fast stabilizing resin 
  • Deep vibrant colors
  • Mixes easily with resin
  • Mix colors to create custom hues
  • Provides consistent coloring throughout blank
  • Available colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Violet
  • 1 ounce Colors up to 9 gallons of resin


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