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There are 5 grits in the set. Two sheets of each grit are in each set.

Using Abranet, dust is removed from the space between the abrasive and the sanded surface, which means that the abrasive grains are cutting the surface more efficiently.

We use Abranet® When making the wooden tubes for our inlays. We can sand around 200 blanks with one sheet as opposed to less than twenty-five with conventional cloth backed sand paper.

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Quantity   1 - 2     3+  
Price $11.25 $9.75
This is a "while they last" sale. Once they are gone, they are gone.
We'll do the orders first in, first out, if we run out of something,
we'll contact you to make another choice.

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AA02 - Sold Out
AA13 - Sold Out
AA20 -Sold Out
AA34- Sold Out
AA50- Sold Out
AA60 - Sold Out
AA64 -Sold Out

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Trident2.jpg TRIDENT PEN KIT

3/8" Drill Bit: PKEXEC-38
Polaris Bushings: PKPOLBU
Parker Style Refills: PARK-R5, PARK-R5B, PAR-GBLK, PAR-GBLU

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Quantity   1 - 9     10 - 49     50 - 99     100+  
Price $7.10 $6.75 $6.25 $5.50
Large Quantities May Require 5 Day Backorder
South American Exotic Pen Blanks - Not Labeled
$29.00 $15.00 On Sale!

(Price is for a packaged bundle of 32 un-labeled blanks!)

Pictures can not do these sets justice!

The blanks measure 3/4"x3/4"x6" and are already packaged/sold in bundles of 32. We will not be breaking open the bundles to switch blanks around but are sure you will be thrilled with the bundle you receive.

If you click on the picture it will take you to a listing of the woods that may be in your bundle.

Since there is a variety of woods in the packages they do not come with standard identifiers on them. We opt'd not to go through them and label the woods or we would have to increase the price substantially. There are tons of resources on the web if you are not sure what species a wood is, or you can send us a picture and we'll help you identify a particular blank if you are stumped. You can probably see most of them in our charts on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Returns are only accepted on un-opened packages

NOTE:These blanks may not fit into an envelope if ordered with other items.
If your shipping calculates to an envelope a
surcharge of $6.45 will apply to cover
the cost of a box. As always, we'll get them
to you at the lowest USPS Priority Mail rate we can
and refund any overpaid postage.

Laminated Bottle Stopper & Call Blanks

These awesome blanks are made from laminated layers of exotic woods and cut on an angle. They are 1.5 inches square by 6 and 3 inches long. Choose your length from the drop down. Species of wood vary from blank to blank. Bottle Stopper Blanks are on Special for $5.25 and Call Blanks are $11.25.


Select Length From The Drop Down Below
All Natural Handmade Soap

These soaps are handmade using all natural ingredients. A complete list of ingredients is listed on the more info page.

Click on image for larger view and detailed description

Bars weigh a minimum of four ounces

Please make your selection from the drop-down below.

Select Scent:
Spectraply Mini Bowl copy.jpg SpectraPly Pen Blank
$2.19 $2.00 On Sale!
These Pen Blanks are 3/4"x3/4"x5"

Color Choice:
Bushing Set for Jump Drive Pen Kit
$4.45 $2.75 On Sale!
PKFCPENBU Quantity   
CIGPENCIL Cigar Pencil Kit - Chrome

10mm Drill Bit: DRILL10
Cigar Bushing Set: CIGBU

Click on image for larger view

Quantity   1 - 9     10 - 49     50+  
Price $7.99 $7.39 $6.39
Bushing Set for Olympian Elite 2
PKOL2BU Quantity   
1 2 

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