Money Blanks (USA)


US Money Blank made with Polyester Resin.

Blanks are 3/4"x3/4"x5"

We've made sure the money was packed in tight for these blanks but you still may want to paint your tubes if you don't want to see any brass at all. Tim used some green Acrylic paint on his tubes and just blended to the way he wanted the pens to look.


Replica $100 Bill Money Blank

(featured on our Monet Chrome/GM Pen Kit - Not Included)

These blanks are awesome! Who wouldn't want to feel like $100 all the time. Just make yourself a pen with the great blank and viola!

Replica $100 bill cast in resin, 27/64" tube already in blank which will fit the Monet, Gatsby, Sierra type pen kit.

These blanks are cast with the new $100 Bill.

US Money Double Cast Bottle Stopper Blank

Our very own Tim has come up with a process to cast within a cast in order to eliminate those pesky air bubbles, the result is stunning and adds a great look to the finished product.

Blank shown raw and turned/polished so you can get an idea of finished product

Blanks are round with Black Base and are 1- 1/2" x 3"

Click on image for larger view

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