Hold Fast Wood Stabilization Chamber System- 6" dia x 8" Tall

Price: $229.95 Quantity   
Hold Fast  Wood Stabilization Chamber System- 6

6" in diameter by 8" tall.

The new ultra high strength glass top is impervious to the effects of chemicals and easy to view through. A light weight stainless steel Anti-Float plate with cam locking action keeps wood submerged during the stabilization process. The new chamber is super strong and can be used even with large industrial vacuum pumps. Note: Some vacuum pumps can be affected by the Stabilizing Resin; please check with the manufacturer before using. The new chamber has side ports for versatility. The two top ports are used for vacuum connection and for our optional stabilizing bag system. The bottom port can be used as a drain to eliminate turning the chamber over to drain the resin. The same bottom port can also be used to add resin into the chamber by inserting a hose into the Stabilizing Resin container and sucking the resin into the chamber. It is recommended to pre-vacuum the wood before adding the resin. Then add the resin while the wood is still under the vacuum through the bottom port. This greatly reduces the initial foaming and allows for the resin to penetrate the wood fibers better. Note: Monitor the resin level while adding the resin so that the resin does not overfill the chamber and get pulled into the vacuum source.

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