Celtic Knot Blanks

Update as of 7/1 3:02am EST

I've burned my first to blanks!!!!

I'm back Baby!!

Set up isn't perfect but it's functioning and that's what matters right now.

I will work as hard and as quick as I can to get caught up on all orders.

We don't have the phone back up yet but we'll work on that next.  I am able to get into my emails so you can contact me that way.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support, patience, and understanding.




These blanks have all the confusing and frustrating work already done. The Cutting and gluing process is finished and ready for you to cut to length and drill the hole for your special pen. The blanks are Rosewood with Maple inlay. The blank is 1"x1"x6” with the knot positioned so that it can be used for any pen kit so that the knot can be centered on the barrel.


WARNING------</font color>

It is imperative that you are set up to drill a straight and centered hole through a pen blank.
If not, then these blanks will not work out for you.
In order for the knot to be centered on your pen you must drill straight and center your drill hole. Use of a brad point or pilot point bit for smaller holes is preferred. Holes larger than 8MM can be drilled with a jobber bit with minimal walking.

DO NOT trim or alter the 1” dimension of the blank in any way before center drilling.
</font color> Celtic Knot blanks are not recommended for use on Slimline pens. The larger the blank the better. As you can see our MONÉT results in a stunning pen!

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