Bushings/Drill Bits

DRILL.jpg .368in. U Drill Bit
PKU368 Quantity   
DRILL.png .492 HSS Drill Bit
PLI-DB Quantity   
PKDCMBS 1 in. Drill Chuck Mandrel
Use this 1" Drill Chuck mandrel to turn the 1" discs used on top of the Disc Top Bottle Stopper. Requires a Drill Chuck mounted in the headstock of your lathe.
Expanding 1" Jam Chuck

Numerous turning projects require a jam chuck however hand turning the chuck is time consuming and not always accurate. This system solves the jam chuck problem. Insert the tough rubber chuck into your work then expand it by turning a the nut to conveniently secure the workpiece. Chuck is one inch in diameter loose and 1-1/2 inches long. Great for holding projects with a small inside diameter like grinding mills.

FB1-116.gif 1-1/16" Carbon Steel Forstner Bit
FB1-116 Quantity   
FB150 1-1/2" Carbon Steel Forstner Bit
FB150 Quantity   
PKATOM-DB.png 1/2" Carbon Steel Forstner Bit
PKDB12 Quantity   
DRILL.png 10.5mm HSS Jobber Drill Bit
PK105MM Quantity   
DRILL.png 10mm HSS Brad Point Drill Bit
PK10-10 Quantity   
DRILL.jpg 11/32" HSS Jobber Drill Bit
DRILL1132 Quantity   
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