Bushings/Drill Bits


Inlays – the last day we’ll be processing INLAY orders is Tuesday May 10th

You can still order but they will not begin to ship until May 31st

I’ll go right up until we have to pack equipment so if I can get more done I will, but no guarantees after May 10th

(I will try to get up sooner we’re anticipating the 31st)

All other orders: The last day we will be processing NON-INLAY orders will be Monday May 9th.

You can still order on-line 24/7 but the orders won’t ship until the 31st.

We’ll start first in, first out.

We thank you all so very much for your support and patience during the next few crazy weeks!!

All prayers appreciated that it goes smooth this time around!

11/32" HSS Jobber Drill Bit
DRILL1132 Quantity   
27/64" Drill Bit
DRILL2764 Quantity   
3/8" High Speed Steel Drill Bit
DRILL-38 Quantity   
5/16" Drill Bit
DRILL516 Quantity   
7/16" Drill Bit
7/16" Drill Bit
7mm Brad Point Drill Bit
DRILL7 Quantity   
8mm HSS Brad Point Drill Bit
DRILL8 Quantity   
Bushing Set for Monét Pen Kit
MONBU Quantity   
Bushing Set for Teacher's Pen Kit
TEACHBU Quantity   
EUROSET1.jpg EURO Pen Bushing Set &
Center Band Sizing Sleeve

Contains both the Bushing Set and
Center Band Sizing Sleeve in one package.
1 2 

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