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Inlays – the last day we’ll be processing INLAY orders is Tuesday May 10th

You can still order but they will not begin to ship until May 31st

I’ll go right up until we have to pack equipment so if I can get more done I will, but no guarantees after May 10th

(I will try to get up sooner we’re anticipating the 31st)

All other orders: The last day we will be processing NON-INLAY orders will be Monday May 9th.

You can still order on-line 24/7 but the orders won’t ship until the 31st.

We’ll start first in, first out.

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Note: Due to their Extreme popularity ,
it may take an extra day to complete an order that contains Rifle assemblies.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. They are worth the wait!</font size></font color>

3006SingleTube.gif 30.06 Length 7mm Pen Tube
7mm tubes pre-cut to the length needed to make the 30.06 pen. We don't require a minimum purchase so we've priced them at each.
30calbu.jpg Brass 30 Cal. Pen Tip Adapter Bushing
This bushing is used to fill the void between the
inside diameter of of a new or resized cartridge and the outside diameter of the 7mm tube. Press fit. No glue or solder required.
50calforsite.jpg 50 CALIBER CARTRIDGE

For those of you that want to create your own version of the 50 Caliber Pen. These are fired cartridges that have scratches and some tarnish, you will need to polish them out. They are the same cartridges that come in the 50 caliber cartridge pen kits. The spent primer is still loaded in them. If you reload your own BMG brass, these are a great deal.

(This is just the cartridge. It is not the pen kit to assemble)
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Price $1.25 $1.10 $0.99 $0.85
Letter "J" Drill Bit
HSS Letter "J" Drill Bit
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