Resin Casting Supplies



Ultra premium casting kit which contains all the accessories
you need to create your own beautiful polyester resin pen blanks.
There is 32 ounces of casting solution, enough to make 10 to 15
of your own creative personalized blanks.
This resin is guaranteed to be crystal clear, non-yellowing and completely UV safe.
The hardened blanks will turn easily on your lathe with standard turning tools.

Click here for MSDS sheet For Resin

Click Here for MEK-P MSDS Sheet


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Caster's Choice Mica Powders 0.75-oz (21g)

Beautiful Colors! Finer than Pearl-Ex for excellent color mixing.
All jars are 0.75-oz (21g)

Click on image for larger view of color chart

CC005 Blaze Orange Is  OUT OF STOCK

CC004 Black Is Out of Stock

Choose Colors Below:
1-ozcup.gif 1-oz. Graduated Mixing Cup
1-oz. Graduated Mixing Cup
10-ozcup.jpg 10 -oz. Graduated Mixing Cup
10-oz. Graduated Polyester Resin Mixing Cup.

Click on image for larger view.

Adirondack Chart.jpg
Adirondack Alcohol Ink 1/2-oz. Bottle
Bright dye inks specially formulated to create a colorful, polished stone effect.

Click on image for larger view.

Pitch Black - Sold Out
Citrus - Sold Out
Purple Twilight - Sold Out
Pool - Sold Out
Raspberry - Sold Out
Watermelon- Sold Out
Red Pepper - Sold Out

We are discontinuing this item so what you see in the drop down menu are the only colors that we have remaining.

Choose Color from Drop Down Menu:

MEKP.jpg Casting Resin Catalyst (1-oz.)
1-oz. Bottle
MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) is the catalyst added to polyester resins and vinyl ester resins. As the catalyst mixes with the resin, a chemical reaction occurs, creating heat which cures (hardens) the resin. Use approximately 1/4 oz per quart of resin. For a faster cure time you can add more resin but the final result will yield a more brittle casting.

Click here for MSDS sheet

We are unable to ship this kit outside of the USA due to its hazardous material rating. For US shipments during winter months, a signature will be required for delivery.

Corks.jpg CORKS
Individual Small or Large Corks for Resin Casting

2 Size Choices:
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Bargain Days!!!

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Quantity   1 - 9     10+  
Price $10.00 $6.50
EM16.jpg EasyMold Silicone Putty -Platinum Cure
Easily create molds for small impression type objects! Odorless, Non Toxic. FDA Compliant, Food Grade.

# Ideal for small molds, excellent detail from original.
# Strong, flexible, reusable molds.
# High Heat range, up to 400º F.
# No Shrinkage.
# Self releasing, no mold release agent required for most applications.

1/2 Pound - Out of Stock (EM8)

2 Size Choices:

Weight.jpg Lead Weights - (4-oz.)
4-oz. package of Lead Weights.

Click on image for larger view.

MC-1.jpg MC-1 Reusable Resin Casting Mold

2"x1.5"x1" Deep Reusable Castin' Craft Resin Mold

Click on image for larger view.

MC-2.jpg MC-2 Reusable Resin Casting Mold
2-1/4"x2-5/8"x1-1/8" Deep Reusable Castin'Craft Resin Casting Mold

Click on image for larger view

MC-4.jpg MC-4 Reusable Resin Casting Mold
2-1/8"x3-1/4"x1-1/8" Deep Reusable Castin' Craft Resin Casting Mold.

Click on image for larger view.

MC-6.jpg MC-6 Reusable Resin Casting Mold

3"x3"x1-1/16" Deep Reusable Castin'Craft Resin Casting Mold

Stick.jpg Mixing Sticks (5 per pkg)
Package of 5 Disposable Mixing sticks.

Click on image for larger view.

Glove.jpg Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves (10 per pkg)
Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves. (Size Large fits most). There are 10 gloves per pkg.

Click on image for larger view.

Opague.jpg Opaque Pigments
Universal Pigments are for use with Our Casting Resin.

Each bottle is 1-oz.

Click here for color blending chart on ETI Site

White & Red- Replaced by our DYEWTE and DYERED - See Polyester Resin Color Dyes "above"

Color Choices:

PearlExChartAPRIL2017 Pearl-Ex Powder Pigment

Powdered Pigments can be mixed into Resin for stunning results! Safe, non-toxic, inert powdered pigment with a neutral pH. Extremely color fast and stable. Some colors are heavy and will sink in resin if they are poured before the mixture starts to thicken. Be sure to allow resin to cure to a thickened state before pouring to avoid colors settling and blending.

Click on image for larger view

JPX1682 - Discontinued
JPX1690 - Discontinued

Most jars are .75 oz (21g) but there are a few that are less dense and are .50 oz

They decided to bring back JPX681 - Duo Blue Green!

1640- Black - Out of Stock

1687 Out of Stock

JPX1651 - Out of Stock but you can get the Caster's Mica in Pearl White

Color Choices:
Polyester Resin Color Dyes

These dyes are specially formulated to dissolve quickly and are easy to use in dying your polyester casting resin. Add just a few drops per ounce for a touch of color or a few more drops for a deep rich color. You can mix the colors to come up with your own blends. Add Pearl White Pearl-Ex to give your blanks an iridescent kick. Be sure to use an extra two drops per ounce of catalyst so your blanks don’t take extra time to cure properly.

Shake well before each use. Keep the bottle capped when not in use to prevent alcohol evaporation. If the dye thickens, add a few drops of denatured alcohol to reconstitute. The white dye is thicker and heavier in nature due to the amount of colorant in the mix.

Click on image for larger view

8 Color Choices or Entire Set
Spare Plugs
Replacement Plugs for Resin Miser Molds

Replacement Stoppers for Our Resin Miser Molds. Choose according to the size Mold you have.

PLUG7MM - is for the 7mm Mold
PLUGBOLT - is for the Bolt Action Mold
PLUGMON - is for the Monet Mold
PLUG38 - is for the 3/8" Long Tube Mold

(NOTE: The PLUG38 are the same size as the Monet Plugs)

Choose Size:

Resin Miser-Polyester Resin Casting Mold

Choose Your Mold Size From The

Drop Down Menu Below. 5 Sizes Available

NO Drilling and NO wasted Resin!
Pliable for easy pop-out release. Can be used 100s of times over and over again!

Click on image above for larger view

and drop down selection descriptions.

7mm Now Available!

Choose Size from Drop-Down Menu:

RESINSPRAY.jpg Resin Spray - 5.25 oz.

Fast Drying, clear gloss finish/sealer.
Ideal for fixing small blemishes in cured resin.
Adds luster and shine
Best to apply several light coats
Ideal for sealing paints, inks, gel markers, paper, dried flowers and other items you wish to embed in resin.
Can even be used as a top coat for polymer clay projects!

This Product can not be shipped outside the United States

threesizerubberstoppers.jpg Rubber Stoppers in THREE sizes!
Individual Rubber Stoppers in Small, Medium or Large

Small - $0.35
Med. - $0.39
Large - $0.45

Size Choice:

Single Longer 3/8" Tube Resin Miser Mold

We now have a Resin Miser Mold to accommodate so many of those new 3/8" kits out there with the longer 3/8" tube!

This mold will accommodate a single tube between 2-1/2" to 3" long.

Just like our other Resin Miser Molds, No Drilling and No Wasted Resin
Pliable for easy Pop-out release. Can be used 100s of times over and over again!

Click on image for larger view
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $25.50 $24.00
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$6.95 $3.50 On Sale!

Blow-Out Sale!!!


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Advertise your pen making business everywhere you go with a 2.25 inch pin back lapel button.
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UltraSeal.jpg Ultra-Seal Multi Purpose Sealer, Glue & Decoupage 4-oz
Quick, Safe, economical. Use on wood, prints, photo’s, styrofoam, newspaper, plastics, fabrics, silk flowers, puzzles, etc. Dries clear.

As a glue: Brush a thin coat of Ultra-Seal on back of prints and position on plaques. Using a brayer or round bottle, press and roll out air bubbles starting from the center of your work. With a damp cloth, wipe any excess Ultra-Seal from edges, etc. Allow to dry.

As a sealer: Brush a thin coat of Ultra-Seal in one direction on prints, plaques, photo’s, or fabric. Allow to dry. Then brush a second coat in the opposite direction and allow to dry.

As a quick decoupage: Brush on 6-8 coats of Ultra-Seal alternating directions and allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

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