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Kast-A-Blank™</font size>

Ultra premium casting kit which contains all the accessories
you need to create your own beautiful polyester resin pen blanks.
There is 32 ounces of casting solution, enough to make 10 to 15
of your own creative personalized blanks.
This resin is guaranteed to be crystal clear, non-yellowing and completely UV safe.
The hardened blanks will turn easily on your lathe with standard turning tools.

Click here for MSDS sheet For Resin

Click Here for MEK-P MSDS Sheet </font size></font color>


Click here for Resin Instructions</font size></font color></font color>

Glove.jpg Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves (10 per pkg)
Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves. (Size Large fits most). There are 10 gloves per pkg.

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Spare Plugs
Replacement Plugs for Resin Miser Molds

Replacement Stoppers for Our Resin Miser Molds. Choose according to the size Mold you have.

PLUG7MM - is for the 7mm Mold -OUT OF STOCK
PLUGBOLT - is for the Bolt Action Mold
PLUGMON - is for the Monet Mold
PLUG38 - is for the 3/8" Long Tube Mold

(NOTE: The PLUG38 are the same size as the Monet Plugs)

Choose Size:

Resin Miser-Polyester Resin Casting Mold

Choose Your Mold Size From The

Drop Down Menu Below. 5 Sizes Available

NO Drilling and NO wasted Resin!
Pliable for easy pop-out release. Can be used 100s of times over and over again!

Click on image above for larger view

and drop down selection descriptions.

7mm - Out of Stock

Choose Size from Drop-Down Menu:
threesizerubberstoppers.jpg Rubber Stoppers in THREE sizes!
$0.35 $0.25 On Sale!
Individual Rubber Stoppers in Small, Medium or Large

Size Choice:

UltraSeal.jpg Ultra-Seal Multi Purpose Sealer, Glue & Decoupage 4-oz

Quick, Safe & economical. Use on wood, prints, photo’s, styrofoam, newspaper, plastics, fabrics, silk flowers, puzzles, etc... Dries clear.

As a glue: Brush a thin coat of Ultra-Seal on back of prints and position on any medium. Using a round bottle, press and roll out air bubbles starting from the center of your work. With a damp cloth, wipe any excess Ultra-Seal from edges, etc. Allow to dry, then coat over the top.

As a sealer: Brush a thin coat of Ultra-Seal in one direction on prints, plaques, photo’s, or fabric. Allow to dry. Then brush a second coat in the opposite direction and allow to dry.

As a quick decoupage: Brush on 6-8 coats of Ultra-Seal alternating directions and allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Make photo blanks: Glue the image on with Ultra Seal, then seal over with Ultra Seal before coating with Resin Spray.

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