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Inlays – the last day we’ll be processing INLAY orders is Tuesday May 10th

You can still order but they will not begin to ship until May 31st

I’ll go right up until we have to pack equipment so if I can get more done I will, but no guarantees after May 10th

(I will try to get up sooner we’re anticipating the 31st)

All other orders: The last day we will be processing NON-INLAY orders will be Monday May 9th.

You can still order on-line 24/7 but the orders won’t ship until the 31st.

We’ll start first in, first out.

We thank you all so very much for your support and patience during the next few crazy weeks!!

All prayers appreciated that it goes smooth this time around!

Flash Drive Pen Kit (flash drive not included)
$18.00 $5.00 On Sale!
Super Dooper Grad Special!

You'll need 1" x 5" blank to accommodate kit.

7mm Drill Bit. Item: DRILL7
11/16"Drill Bit. Item: PKFB1116
Flash Drive Bushing set. Item: PKFCPENBU
Mini Pen Refill. Item: MINI-R5 or MINI-R5R

Click on image for larger view, more info. & to add accessories.

anellithree.jpg Anelli Twist Pen Kit

Anelli Bushing Set: ANEBU
7mm Drill Bit: DRILL7
Cross Style Refill: PEN-R5, PEN-R5B

Click On Image For Larger View

Quantity   1 - 9     10 - 49     50 - 99     100+  
Price $2.85 $2.75 $2.60 $2.50
Large Quantities May Require 5 Day Backorder

Select Your Finish Choice In The Dropodown Box Below!!!

Anelli Gold Sold Out

Monet Pen Kit

Beautiful Gun Metal and 24kt Gold finish.

27/64" Drill Bit: DRILL2764
Monet Bushing Set: MONBU
Parker Style Refill. Item:PARK-R5 or PAR-GBLK, PAR-GBLU
Trimming Sleeve: PKGATBS
Spare Tubes: MOTU

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Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 24     25 - 49     50 - 99     100+  
Price $6.75 $6.25 $6.00 $5.50 $5.00
Large Quantities May Require A 5 Day Backorder
MONMECH.jpg Replacement Mechanism for Monet/Gatsby Twist Pen Kits
Twist Mechanism for the Monet/Gatsby Pen
TouchStylus.jpg Soft Touch Stylus Tip Assembly -3 Finishes!

(We've shown item going into the top of the pen and leaving the ink intact so you can use both. You can also use it as just a Stylus by replacing the tip.)

Convert any pen that uses a Slimline size cap/clip or tip into a I-pad/I-phone/Droid or other touch screen product. Just replace the standard Slimline cap or tip with a Soft Touch Stylus tip!

"They work great on a 7mm key chain kit too"

Just make sure you press into a tube for conductivity. Click on picture for further explanation.

PLEASE NOTE: The top ring on this stylus unscrews and that is how you remove/replace the rubber. By having the screw on ring this will greatly reduce the change of the rubber popping off.

Choose Finish:
Trident2.jpg TRIDENT PEN KIT
$7.40 $5.50 On Sale!

3/8" Drill Bit: PKEXEC-38
Polaris Bushings: PKPOLBU
Parker Style Refills: PARK-R5, PARK-R5B, PAR-GBLK, PAR-GBLU

Click on image for larger view

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