Wood Stabilizing

Update as of 7/1 3:02am EST

I've burned my first to blanks!!!!

I'm back Baby!!

Set up isn't perfect but it's functioning and that's what matters right now.

I will work as hard and as quick as I can to get caught up on all orders.

We don't have the phone back up yet but we'll work on that next.  I am able to get into my emails so you can contact me that way.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support, patience, and understanding.

Check out the Stabilizing video

Hold Fast Wood Stabilization Chamber System- 6" dia x 8" Tall

Heavy duty PVC vacuum generating system for stabilizing even the softest and most delicate wood blanks. The system includes:

8 inch diameter by 12 inch tall PVC chamber.
Heavy duty glass cover.
Removable hard rubber base for easy cleaning.
Stainless steel anti-float plate with cam-lock holding system.
Handy Drain Valve in the base.
We also include the vacuum chamber and associated hoses.
Replacable rubber top seal.

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There is a $10.00 charge to cover the additional shipping for this item. Any extra funds left over from shipping costs will be refunded to you. You will not be asked to cover charges exceeding the what you were invoiced for shipping. International customers please call for shipping cost.

Stick Fast Stabilizing Resin Dyes

Cost is per jar, but there is an option in the drop down to purchase the entire set

These one ounce jars of stabilizing resin dye are available in 5 brilliant colors or can be purchased as a set. Available in the following colors:


Designed specifically for use in the Hold Fast/Stick Fast Resin Stabilizing kit.

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